If you own or operate an exterior property that offers specialized service year-round, our property cleaning service for special events is for you. From large gatherings to simple affairs, any event that requires your property to be swept or cleaned, we are more than ready and able to take care of it for you. Just give us a call and let us put together an individual plan for you.

A clean workplace means much more than having that fresh, sparkling appearance. It also helps improve workplace safety. Keeping floors clean, dry, and free of spills is key to preventing slips and falls and improving work safety. A clean facility shows your employees that you value their safety and health, which in turn enables them to be more productive.

Terranor’s thorough interior cleaning services boost employee morale, which in turn helps set the stage for greater efficiency at your facilities. From dust particles generated by your daily operations to larger debris and dirt that can impact efficiency, our team is prepared and qualified to revamp your facility on your schedule. We are committed to working with you to maintain the areas that are important to you and your employees.

Did you know that the condition of your parking space influences your customers’ decision?

Your parking lot can generate more traffic for your business, or it can be the reason you are losing potential customers.

Our mission is to ensure that your parking spaces leave a positive impression on your customers, tenants and employees – while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of rainwater runoff and improving surface durability and longevity. Thereby, Terranor’s sweeping solutions are based on the needs and schedule of your property.

With our vast network of parking space cleaning crews, we cover the whole of Denmark and ensure that when your customers visit your property, they will have a lasting good impression.

No matter how well a pavement might be laid, and no matter how much was spent on quality materials, all pavings, from the very top-of-the-range to the not-quite-so-good, require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Terranor works with paving/milling contractors and road builders to make sure your roadway construction and resurfacing projections are on schedule and on budget. We know that you have a process to follow and a reputation to uphold, so we integrate with your team to meet your established goals.

Cleaning is the finishing touch to any successful construction project. Proper cleaning ensures that the site looks safe, clean and impressive.

Whether you need to clean a construction site for an inspection, a housing estate for a sale, or a street cleaned for milling / paving, Terranor has the team and technology to do the job.

We won’t sweep anything under the rug – we carefully remove any dust, dirt, and clutter on site, leaving a spotless space for our customers. Unlike most construction cleaning companies that mainly haul away trash, we offer a complete job, removing all debris, a thorough sweeping and cleanup, and finally picking everything up.

Regular street sweeping keeps our roadways clean, beautifies neighbourhoods, ensures safer roadways by reducing hazards, and keeps debris and trash from entering and clogging storm drains.

At Terranor A/S we are dedicated to secure a high quality of life for citizens by improving living conditions in towns and municipalities. We are proud of our long-term cooperation with municipalities like the City of Copenhagen.

The cleanliness and attractiveness of the streets come with several unique challenges. Terranor understands and offers complete solutions to help get the job done in your community or city.