Traffic barriers are primarily intended to divert moving traffic and protect the work behind the barrier. With Terranor, you are guaranteed traffic barriers that work, and you only have to pay for the traffic barriers for the days they are rented and in the quantities needed.

Today, the use of TMAs is required by law for work on motorways. If a car hits a TMA at 100 km/h, the bumper will bring the car to a halt at a maximum of 7 metres. The bumper is designed not only to stop a car, but also to protect the driver. At Terranor you can rent TMAs for short and long periods.

No road works without an approved sign plan. We take responsibility for the whole process, from drawing up traffic plans to obtaining permits from the authorities. It is important that the application contains everything that is necessary in terms of. roadworks or event so that you can obtain the appropriate permits and approvals for the project. In other words, a properly executed signage plan is quite important.

Conditions on our roads are changing. With more and more cars on the road, the risk of accidents is increasing. But those who use our roads still have the same needs. Both private motorists and commercial vehicles need to get from A to B safely and without delay. At Terranor, we have developed a complete solution consisting of a number of service modules that together increase safety for road users and road workers.

At Terranor we are dedicated to improving transportation infrastructure and mobility so motorists and pedestrians can arrive at their destinations safely.

Traffic signs play a vital role in directing, informing and controlling road users’ behaviour in an effort to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone. Whether it be redirections through ongoing construction and building activities or extraordinary events, we at Terranor support you in planning sign layouts and locations based on your needs.