When a flake is removed, there are approximately 100 tons of soil per 1,000 lbm that must be disposed of. Terranor we find the most suitable location for the soil. The clean soil is recovered or recycled. Contaminated soil is taken to an approved receiving facility for treatment for later recovery. We notify you before the work starts and issue the legally required transport documents.

Edging requires experience and knowledge. We ensure an efficient workflow and solid solution with our special equipment and extensive experience. We also carry out edge laying of gravel product with a truck that is specially built for the job.

The reuse and recycling of materials from road construction and maintenance activities, and from the construction and repair of utility cuts has and continues to make a modest, but significant, contribution to aggregates conservation and reduced landfill disposal requirements

We recycle the existing surface – and put it back on the road.

When your gravel road turns to mud soup after a rain or your ditches overflow into your fields, living on a country road can feel like being stuck in purgatory. If you own the road or share ownership of a road with your neighbours and feel you’re forever struggling to keep it passable, take heart: There are solutions for road maintenance on your dirt road.

It is important to make sure that the ditches by the road are sufficiently deep so that the water does not remain on the roadway but runs down into the ditches. Terranor planes, drums, sweeps and collects the soil of the roadway in one efficient operation. Our experienced people ensure perfect results.

When it rains, silt runoff regularly flows down the steep hills on both sides of the roadways, filling drainage ditches with standing water that results in flooding problems in warm weather and icy highways in the winter. The overflow from ditches also makes the adjacent terrain wet and unstable, with soft shoulders or no shoulders at all, meaning there’s no solid foundation for maintenance equipment to work on.

We at Terranor maintain all kinds of roads and the drainage ditches alongside of all kinds of roads.